In 2017 Brand South Africa embarked on a campaign to create awareness of the South African constitution among young people by creating a space for young South African’s to have authentic conversations about the Constitution and how it enables their way of life on social media.

In order to showcase how the Constitution enables people to live their life, Brand SA partnered with myself and other influencers to share our personal stories and capture how different aspects of our lives and careers are made possible, enabled or protected by the Constitution while using the #InspiredByMyConstitution.

This created awareness around the specific rights selected and more broadly around the role of the Constitution in everyday life. The focus was on ensuring that the Constitution is brought to life by focusing on everyday manifestations of the Constitution and encouraging South Africans to engage with the Constitution and consider how it enables their life.


I feel that being called upon to be yourself is the biggest honour and the best thing you could be asked to do, and this is what Brand South Africa wanted me to do. I got to share my story, share what makes me proud to be who I am, and that’s what really spoke to me.

For me, anything that has to do with helping us move forward as a nation and celebrating all the things we have to be proud of, anything that is aligned with inspiring young people or inspiring a nation to be more accepting of who we are as people within our cultures, is something I want to be a part of. Anything to do with nation building, I am ‘Team Yes’. I absolutely loved being a part of this campaign