Repurposing something I self-funded and produced 4 years ago but it didn’t end up on TV (or anywhere) because there was a technical blunder which made the end product of poor quality for broadcast. I was shattered when this discovery was made in edit. I had taken my savings, an overdraft and borrowed money from a friend to back myself, to back my dream.

And so, here we sit in a time of #LifeWithCovid19, and I’m finally giving in to the kind voices who have encouraged me on my long journey to building the talk show of my dreams. The kind voices that have encouraged me to not wait until I create something perfect, but to instead take a leap, put it out there, and I can make it better as I go along. You need to understand how INCREDIBLY difficult that is for me, a Perfect Patti (s/o to my fellow lovers of Why Did I Get Married 😂) who prides herself in always being excellent, especially when it comes to my work.

So we’re in edit, doing the best with what’s usable and putting the final touches on this baby. She’s not perfect. She’s not what I envisioned her to be (on a technical level), but you know what, she’s mine. She’s my start. She is my heart, my art, and my light. And you’ll get to meet her on Thursday 11 June, at 7pm. 💛🙏🏾

#TheHeartToHeartWithHulisaniRavele (what a long #, weh! 🤦🏾‍♀️ oh well, we move! 😅)


Love & light