Brand SA – #InspiredByMyConstitution


Brand South Africa (Brand SA) embarked on a campaign to create awareness of the South African constitution by showcasing how the Constitution enables people to live their life. The brief was to share your personal story and capture how different aspects of your life, career are made possible, enabled or protected by the Constitution while using the #InspiredByMyConstitution.



My colleagues name is Xolani but because our MD could not pronounce it now everyone calls him Lani(including myself) I always beat myself inside after saying it. From today i promise to call him by his name. – @gabimthombothi
Shoo this is a mouthful. Power…AMANDLA to these profound words 🙂 @zamankosi_dlamini
I love it!!!! This type of confidence is going to breed the next generation of phenomenal black women. – @amu_hlabano



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